I know that I`m a weirdo at heart and see things a little bit differently, but it`s fine, I don`t see it as a bad thing.
Picture: Edouard Boubat – Cafe De Flore, Paris, 1953

2018..were to begin, I thought time was going very slowly, but I think it`s going very fast.
I have a lot of dreams, wishes and I want all those things to come true. Then again they need to be realistic, when I think about it, I just start laughing:

But then again, thinking it`s possible...In my short life I have been through a lot, I learned a lot and became much stronger (which I`m proud of), obviously there are some gaps in my life, but who does not have them? everyone does.

All I want to say: be good to yourself, ignore others, ignore their opinions, because sometimes...they don`t really matter and you just keep breaking yourself over nothing, I did that about one million times and I regret it.

Learn how to say no. And be who you are, because people are going to dislike you anyways, so why to pretend? You don`t have to do that extra work. Hope everyone who still reads my blog will have an amazing year! TRAVEL and be happy!

See you Later!